2. Out In The Clear

I’ve been known to grumble and whinge in my time – it’s not something I like to do, it’s just something that kind of happens because I’ve been too thoughtless to pause and control my negative thoughts.

Nevertheless, the last two years have been difficult, but influential.

I can’t deny that the death of my grandmother hit me hard. She had a huge impact on my life and I had great admiration for her fighting spirit. She was a beautiful, strong woman and she taught me a lot during my life. What I failed to realise is how much she would continue to influence me in death.

Whilst recently I’ve had a lack of incentives and quite frankly quite a lot of drawbacks in my professional life, I’m still finding the means to continue and press on and on top of this, there is a silver lining – things have taken a turn for the better.

The good news? My Mom’s fight with Cancer seems to be over. She will have to go back every year just as a precaution, but she’s received the all clear and as far as I’m concerned that’s all that matters currently. It relieves my mind of one extra thing, which can’t be bad right now!

Aside from this, I’m paying off debts, seeking jobs and formulating a life plan – long overdue. As part of my final turning over of a new leaf, I’ve promised myself to be a lot more mindful of well, everything. How I write, how I talk, how I perceive situations and circumstance. How I approach life should radically change, and with any luck have a positive affect.

That’s all for now – with the major revelations out of the way now, this should become a lot more light hearted! I plan on writing about funny situations and just my every day life from here on in.



About Paul Steven Macklin

Paul Macklin is a twenty-six year old literary vandal whom often washes away the concepts of conformist prose in favour of a unnecessarily poetic driven fiction.

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