3. Out and About

Does anyone else think the new coke campaign is peculiar? Granted it must be working, because, well, we’re talking about it. I just can’t help but feel it has a certain awkwardness to it…

…so on Monday I made my way into London with my novelty bottle of Coke labelled ‘Sarah’ for the first time in a few weeks. Having lacked the incentive and energy to go anywhere recently I’ve become something of a recluse, so a short day in London was refreshing – and it assisted my inspiration. 

I was at the studio where I was reviewing and discussing the future of my music. The good news is that they seem to enjoy the tracks I’ve made so far, looks like the band will be making an emergence after all. I’ll be sure to post more on that when the time is right! 

The Podcast that I’ve been working on with a collective of my friends seems to be back on as well, and that gives me a project to focus on in my down-time. My mind is so fried with learning and trying out new stuff these last couple of weeks, playing around with some things that are second nature will rest my mind but keep me active. 

I’ve been getting back in the swing of drawing and I’m trying to learn some new coding – I’m not getting anywhere fast, but hey. 

Today has been a little crap to be honest. I think I’ve caught some kind of cough/splutter/cold thing and I had to have a root canal – which basically means walking around dribbling and looking like I had a stroke for most of the day.

But never mind. I’m still smiling, because I’m in my Dino-Onesie. Nothing beats the Dino Onesie.

Until next time!


About Paul Steven Macklin

Paul Macklin is a twenty-six year old literary vandal whom often washes away the concepts of conformist prose in favour of a unnecessarily poetic driven fiction.

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