4. Out Damn Spot!

Has anyone else wondered how long it will be until I run out of relevant cliches with the word “out” at the beginning? I’m almost sure I heard a virtual chorus of “I think you’ve arrived there already”.

So it seems my illness was short lived (phew, it really was a miserable day or two), as we all know men suffer from the flu a lot worse than women, so it’s a relief I made it out the other side. Just as well, I have things to be doing and it did make things harder to concentrate.

I’m feeling good again (should I stop talking about how I feel? I’m starting to wonder what this blog is actually about other than just me venting my thoughts onto a page.) Like, I’m almost back to a place where things start happening again. I can feel it building up. I’ve been writing, started posting to Protagonize again (if you want to check out some of my latest stuff it’s available here – http://www.protagonize.com/poem/tarantism-1), which is cool because it puts me in a creative place on a regular basis. I’ve been thinking about starting work on one of my novels, but I think the project might just be too ambitious, too big for me at this time. When I’m just recovering from whatever kind of creative blockage I’m suffering. So for now it looks like poetry is the way forward.

Poetry and music that is. There’s a lot of music floating around my head again, hopefully I can get it out of my head and on to the computer without a great deal of frustration! 

So what IS the title of this blog entry about? Well you know I said I was giving up acting? I’ve always been the kind of person that wants what he can’t have. I want to do some acting – that doesn’t mean I’m running back to it as a career. It’s just I miss the actual activity, not the industry. Quite frankly the industry can go do one. It seems that there are a lot of talented people out there who aren’t getting the attention they deserve. I’m much happier creating my own work if it comes to acting. I’ll be sure to write scripts and make films that I can do some bits in, in the future. The thing is, as the title of the entry says, it does seem to be a mark in my skin that just won’t go away. No matter what I say or do, I’ll always be an ‘Actor’, and it’s that imperceptible mark on my skin that has reignited my passion, not the activity, but the idea that it is part of who I am. 

Anyhow, today is for BBQ’s, friends and podcasts. It should be fun and a nice social break before another week of motivating myself to work! 

Look out for the podcast in the next couple of weeks (I hope!).



About Paul Steven Macklin

Paul Macklin is a twenty-six year old literary vandal whom often washes away the concepts of conformist prose in favour of a unnecessarily poetic driven fiction.

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